TOPANGA DAZE featured on LAST DAZE by Alex Kromer

Alex Kromer and Sophie Seymour are the best kind of friends, the photographer/model duo.  “Topanga Daze” was exactly how creating art and collaborating should be: easy, effortless, and honest.  Sophie grew up at the top of Topanga Mountain and although Alex lives in the city (Los Angeles) she could be a Topanga girl at heart.  They began their day in the Canyon eating avocado toast garnished with wildflowers and sipping Kombucha tea, went thrift shopping and simultaneously tested out new/old film cameras, and were lucky enough to get to begin their shoot on the beautiful back porch of Topanga vintage store Dust & Fog.  From there they ventured up the mountain and spent golden hour in tall grassy fields, but by then they had run out of film.  It was a very good day.